i like playing in the dirt
i don’t like sharing my food
i hog all the blankets
i burp really loud
i don’t like texting back
actually i don’t like texting
i act like a boy
i don’t like dating/relationships/people
dumb blondes are real. aka me
i’m book smart tho

love me

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Anonymous: I was diagnosed with sma syndrome. But no surgeon will do the surgery cuz they say it's to risky. Do u have any advice for me? I've been sick for 4 years and they finally discovered what I have around 6 months ago.

Oh I’m so sorry you’ve been diagnosed with SMA :’( I’ve been dealing with mine on and off for about 7 years now. My SMA was different because it was caused by a spinal surgery so my recovery from it was probably different than what you need. I didn’t need surgery to fix it. They fixed mine with feeding tubes and constant electrolytes and fluids through a PICC line that went from my arm to my heart. The only way I deal with it still is monitoring my weight a lot. I have to be very careful after surgeries because narcotics stop my digestive system (pretty much paralyze it) which causes the SMA to come back. Keep a close eye out and you may be able to rule out specific factors that may cause it to be worse at times. Hang in there ❤️

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